Emails From Listeners

Dear Steve O & Renee

I would like to enter into your Madison’s Critic for the Night. You turned us on to Madison’s last month when we caught your show for the first time. It was a wonderful dining expereince for us just like you said it would be. I rarely listen to AM Radio but I was trying to catch the news on AM and I found your show.

I’m not a spring chicken by any means and I’m on the conservative side but when I heard your show for the first time I couldn’t change the station. I couldn’t wait to hear what you two were going to say next. How do you come up with so much shtick for three hours every day? You have to be the most creative minds to do what you do over a long period of time.

I actually wrote WBZT to tell them what a great find Steve O & Rene are and if they could extend your show from 6-10. I can’t believe I get all this entertainment for free. Your bits are amazing especially those Rene’s Tips. Steve O you make me laugh so hard with some of the things you say when you seem to play dumb with Rene.

Now for your restaurant suggestions and the real reason I’m writing you. I know you are Restaurant Critics but I’m coming to learn you two really know what you are doing. Since I started listening to your show I have tried Thasos, Madison’s, Chima’s, Meatball Room, Wild Sea, and Vic & Angelo’s. I live at St Andrews and we are all fine dining addicts here and we know our food.

I have shared with all of my friends here that your restaurant selections are perfect. Now I have been designated the one that makes sure I get everyone of your selections each day. Don’t tell anyone I love doing it. I trust your taste in food and I’m glad you let us know that not everyone of your selections are sponsors.

I’m spreading the word as fast as I can about the Steve O & Rene Morning Show so you have many of us out here listening. Like I said please enter me and my wife into the Madison’s Critic for the Night because we dine out 6 nights a week, We know our cuisines and we actually rate all the new restaurants we dine at.

I forgot to mention Im very difficult to make laugh but you do it to me every morning. Thank you Steve O & Rene for making Grandpa Mark Turnbury smile every morning. And not to leave anyone out Marissa you do a great job with your sports report and keeping those crazy duo in line.

Mark Turnbury

To my new friends

I’ve wanted to write you for the last several weeks but something always comes up and I get distracted due to the business I am in. I am one of the assistant coaches of one of the pro teams here in town. I don’t know if it is wise to share my name with you because if I do my players might get wind that I wrote you and listen to your show. They would probably rag me about it but I bet they too would end up listening to you. I don’t know how else to describe your show but to say you two are the craziest, funniest, and entertaining radio show I have ever listen to.

I already have my iHeart App ready for when we are out of town so I don’t miss any of your shows. Yesterday morning I was walking around the locker room with my head phones laughing my fricking ass off at one of your bits and several players asked me what I was laughing about. I let one of the players listen to you for a few seconds. They got to hear Renee laughing as she usually does. There is no other laugh like that in the world. Renee I know you joke a lot but you are very attractive if I must say. Sorry Steve O

I wonder what you too are like when you are off the air? Man you always seem so calm but I love the way you talk about God in your life. You are crazy funny and you come up with lines so fast. Renee I hear your voice and I crack up. Steve O your Mr. Do No Wrong bit with Renee like you are Eddie Haskell is crazy. I want to tell you both you have something very special that is hard to duplicate.

I also have to get a plug in for The Sports Princess. She really adds to your show and its very cool hearing a young woman know so much about Sports.

I have never did this before with all the sports talk shows I listen to but I figured any two people who can make me laugh on a daily basis as much as you both do I have to give Kudos too. I business I am in is very demanding with lots of stress. Listening to you everyday allows me to get rid of my stress and you just make my day better. If you will send me your address I will send you some tickets for you and Renee to come to one of our games.

Please please don’t let success change you. I have seen that many times and what you have going is too good to lose

God Bless

Good Morning Steve O & Rene

I normally never write in to talk shows but I had to share something special with you. First of all I love how you two are together. Your show is the most entertaining talk show I have ever heard including the many years I listened to Howard Stern and Imus in the Morning. I know I am giving myself away as I am a snowbird from Long Island. My sister and I listen to your show in New York on iheart every morning now.

We live over at Broken Sound in Boca Raton during season. I share that with you because you are both so well known there from your Eat & Critique Show. We always followed your dining recommendations. You two never let us down with your restaurant reviews.

Your new show is off the chains. We love your diversity speaking on so many subject matters. Every day you have me crying and rolling on the floor. We love Rene’s NY Accent. Her laugh is so addicting. Steve O we love your voice and your knowledge of current events. I also love the letter from the FAU student. We are in our late 60’s and we love that your show has a college student speak to highly of your show which is a real complement to your show and the wide range of age groups you attract.

Your station made such a solid move bringing you both to mornings. The real reason I am emailing you is we finally went to Vic and Angelo’s in Delray. I have heard you talk about them so much we decided to have my sister’s birthday dinner at Vic & Angelo’s. There were 10 of us and the first thing we noticed was how great the service was. Our waiter told us they know you and how you dine there all the time.

You are right, their garlic bread is the best and we likes the fact they don’t charge you for reorders. We had the John’s signature Meatball like you suggested and you are right it was the best Meatball any of us ever had. We ordered 5 entrees and shared them like people our age do LOL. We devoured everything we had. We also ordered several pizzas and you were right about their pizza, it was wonderful. I am so glad they offer their pizzas to go. By the way the wines our waiter chose for us were perfect.

We ended the evening with their cookies and banana pies. They also brought us out cotton candy with the sparklers which was amazing.

If you read this email on air we recommend Vic & Angelo’s to anyone who loves great Italian Food. We are letting everyone know at Broken Sound about your new show and I too was one who listened to your show every Sunday in the women’s card room.

Can’t wait till your next show.

Mazel Tov
Cindi Melzner